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Re: www/drupal6: new version available

"Volkmar Seifert" <> writes:

>> The way to help with this is to modify Makefile/distinfo yourself and
>> build 6.19, and then to send a note explaining your experience with
>> running 6.19 (describing how much you tested, on which platformsw and if
>> it's better/worse) with that patch and the required commit message.  If
>> you can't do all the steps then the more the better as it reduces work
>> for others.The pkgsrc guide should explain enough about how to do this.
> Well, the last time I actually did that, someone felt stepped on his toes,
> and since I am no pkgsrc-developer ("only" pkgsrc-wip), I thought it might
> be more polite to ask first.

Hmm.  If a package has a MAINTAINER=, then the right thing to do is
email that person.  When I'm MAINTAINER, usually when I get mail I say
either 1) Sure, that would be great, please try it out and send a diff
because I'm busy or 2) (only about 1% of the time) I'm not upgrading
because of problem X.  But I've never gotten upset at getting a note
with an update patch.

> As soon as I find some time, I will look into it, and provide the proper 
> experience-reports and patches. Which mailing-list is appropriate for
> submitting them?

Formally, sending a PR.  But processing of those is not as quick as it
should be, so sending to pkgsrc-users seems quite reasonable.

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