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Re: X Window System version -- xsrc or pkgsrc?

I have updated wip/gl and wip/dri to Mesa-7.8.2. However, I have removed all the
libtool-related patches, because they were a burden. I tested this new version
only with ioquake3 on NetBSD-Current amd64 with an ATI r700 card.

If you are a daredevil, feel free to test it.

For now, I'm staying with pkgsrc's xorg and wip Mesa, but I will test
the new intree

Best regards,


2010/8/8 Sverre Froyen <>:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a recommendation on what X version to use for NetBSD current
> (amd64): the native NetBSD xsrc version or pkgsrc's x11/modular-xorg-server.
> I switched to the pkgsrc version several years ago and I have been quite happy
> with it. My original reason to switch was a graphics card that was not
> properly supported by XFree86 and later I've learned to appreciate the ease by
> which I can choose what modules to install and even mix pkgsrc versions with
> xorg git versions.
> It now seems, however, that the pkgsrc versions are lagging behind the NetBSD
> xsrc version, particularly with respect to acceleration. Currently, I am using
> the pkgsrc wip version of Mesa (7.7.1) and related modules, which appear to be
> faster than the regular pkgsrc versions (7.4.4), but both now lag behind the
> xsrc version (7.8.2).
> With KDE 4.5 soon out, I'm planning a reinstall of my packages and I'm
> wondering if this is the time to switch from pkgsrc X back to the NetBSD in-
> tree version.
> Advise? Opinions?
> Thanks,
> Sverre

Pierre Allegraud

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