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X Window System version -- xsrc or pkgsrc?


I'm looking for a recommendation on what X version to use for NetBSD current 
(amd64): the native NetBSD xsrc version or pkgsrc's x11/modular-xorg-server.

I switched to the pkgsrc version several years ago and I have been quite happy 
with it. My original reason to switch was a graphics card that was not 
properly supported by XFree86 and later I've learned to appreciate the ease by 
which I can choose what modules to install and even mix pkgsrc versions with 
xorg git versions.

It now seems, however, that the pkgsrc versions are lagging behind the NetBSD 
xsrc version, particularly with respect to acceleration. Currently, I am using 
the pkgsrc wip version of Mesa (7.7.1) and related modules, which appear to be 
faster than the regular pkgsrc versions (7.4.4), but both now lag behind the 
xsrc version (7.8.2).

With KDE 4.5 soon out, I'm planning a reinstall of my packages and I'm 
wondering if this is the time to switch from pkgsrc X back to the NetBSD in-
tree version.

Advise? Opinions?


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