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Re: recompiling pkgsrc

Stefan Schaeckeler <> writes:

> I would like to recompile all packages that are already installed
> (mostly because new CFLAGS in mk.conf). How do I do this?

one way is delete everything and rebuild.  The other is:

First, make sure your pkgsrc tree is in a good state:
  consistent update
  no working directories

Then, mark each package for a forced rebuild:

cd /var/db/pkg &&
  pkg_admin set rebuild=YES *

Then invoke pkg_rolling-replace.  Note that this says to update
mismatched packages.  I realize you didn't say you wanted this - but
trying to build some packages from a pkgsrc tree while some packages
they depend on haven't been updated is usually more grief than it's

cd /usr/pkgsrc &&
  pkg_rolling-replace -uv -k &> RR.000

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