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Re: Java status NetBSD

On 10 August 2010 15:06, Piotr <> wrote:
> Dear list,
> is there any a chance that the pkgsrc will support natively java different 
> then
> openjdk? The openjdk doesn't produce correctly working java plugin.
> Before we had quite working jdk-1.5- this version worked fine for me.
> What about the binary linux emulation of jdk? It seems that it is still bugy 
> on
> amd64.

The openjdk7 plugin is not perfect, but I'm using it on a relatively
complex internal java plugin & have poked at the various 'test your
java plugin' pages without incident.

I had a quick test at and it seemed to fail with an
"Address family not supported by protocol family", which may well be
because my kernel is without ipv6 support.

Just out of curiosity, what issues are you seeing? - (this is on netbsd-5 i386)

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