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Re: Old Binary Packages/Sources (NetBSD/i386 1.5.3)?

> > One reason we went with NetBSD/i386 1.5.3 was that [ 
> > ] states that 1.5 was released 
> > "December 6, 2000" and [ ] 
> > states that Slackware 7.0 was released circa 2000 (a little before 
> > if we can read the figure correctly).

I don't understand why. You may want to use recent supported NetBSD and 
provide feedback on how it does or doesn't work well with your old 

> > Please could some wise people (or other entities) point us in the 
> > correct direction and shed some light/insight into where these 
> > binary packages (and their corresponding /usr/pkgsrc/distfiles 
> > sources) may be hiding?

The old packages are removed, maybe someone has some available but not 
on the normal mirrors.

> Not sure if there are still so old binary packages lying around. You 
> could check out an old pkgsrc branch and compile it. You can check out 
> a specific branch like this
> cvs update -dP -rpkgsrc-2010Q2
> Try figure out the name of an old branch.

2000 is older than our stable pkgsrc branches (began in 2003 I think).

Many of old distfiles referenced may simply be missing from original 
download sites and maybe our distfiles is incomplete for 2000.

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