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Re: Building and running new package versions not yet in pkgsrc?

> I take you example "abiword":
> You can take a copy of abiword form "pkgsrc/editors/abiword" and place it to 
> e.g. "pkgsrc/wip/abiword-dev"

> Than modify "makefile.common" and replace:


> to something like:

> DISTNAME?=    abiword-dev-${ABIWORD_VERSION}

> Note: in Makefile "  .include "../../mk/"   " is specified...

> There are some standart variables and behaviors defined in that file... But 
> you can "overwrite" them by adding variables in you Makefile.
> You should be able to tell your package to install it's binaries to a place 
> that is diffrent to the place of binaries that would be installed by 
> "pkgsrc/editors/abiword".

> I think that was what you were looking for...

> Best regards,
> Helge

Actually the latest Abiword release, is 2.8.6 , I just checked .  This would be stable rather than development, but 
for the purposes of building something not committed to pkgsrc, maybe it could 
be considered extra, experimental or development.  There is also the 
possibility that something I might want to build is not even in pkgsrc-wip.


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