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Re: Building and running new package versions not yet in pkgsrc?


> > Well, maybe you can help to improve pkgsrc by adding a newer/develop-
> package to the "wip" section of pkgsrc. "wip" means "work in process" and you
> are able to make and upload packages. If you are working on those packages
> it would make sense to make your work available to others... And your work
> is done in a coherent environment.
> > To take your example "abiword"... You can take a copy of that package
> and do some modification to it Makefile etc.)... If the package builds and
> runs stable it can be used to update abiword in pkgsrc.

> > I think maybe "DESTDIR"- support is what you are looking for... You
> should be able to find it in pkgsrc- Guide.

> I think the "wip" section of pkgsrc is at
> ?

This is the site where the wip- project is hosted, yes. It is simple to insert 
"wip" in you pkgsrc-tree. AFAIK all existing packages are located in "wip" 
before they checked in pkgsrc-current.
This environment is for developers and testers and can be used to work on 
updates or new packages... 

> Anyway, it would be good to be part of the community, gaining insight from
> others' efforts and others gaining if I successfully build a new package. 

Yes... And there is a nice community ;-)
> I notice many packages offer a configurable DESTDIR environment.  Then
> such a build can be conveniently be packaged into a .tgz, .tbz or .txz without
> having to find the bits and pieces in many places.  

> The idea of putting an extra path such as /extra or /usr/extra optionally
> in front of the regular path is to be able to run such a package without
> destroying the older, established version.  I need to experiment and make an
> appropriate shell script.  I remember doing something like that with OS/2.

I take you example "abiword":
You can take a copy of abiword form "pkgsrc/editors/abiword" and place it to 
e.g. "pkgsrc/wip/abiword-dev"

Than modify "makefile.common" and replace:

ABIWORD_VERSION=        2.6.8

to something like:

ABIWORD_VERSION=        2.6.8
DISTNAME?=      abiword-dev-${ABIWORD_VERSION}

Note: in Makefile "  .include "../../mk/"   " is specified...

There are some standart variables and behaviors defined in that file... But you 
can "overwrite" them by adding variables in you Makefile.
You should be able to tell your package to install it's binaries to a place 
that is diffrent to the place of binaries that would be installed by 

I think that was what you were looking for... 

Best regards,
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