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Updating pkg-patchfiles


Probably this question is obvious and I am in danger of humiliating myself by 
asking it, but I have updated one patch-file from security/openssl and would 
like to commit the changes back to pkgsrc, but I did not find anywhere any 
instruction of how to do that.

More specific: openssl does not compile so far on DragonFlyBSD in 64 bit, so I 
changed its patch-aa in line 56 from

amd64-*-*bsd*)       OUT="BSD-x86_64" ;;


amd64-*-*bsd*|*-dragonfly*)  OUT="BSD-x86_64" ;;

Since this is a very simple change, I do not think that it would affect any 
other OSs, but would improve the compatibility with DragonFlyBSD. So I would 
like to have this in pkgsrc.

In the "maintainer" is _this_ mailinglist.

Thanks in advance.

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