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Re: how to build outside WRKSRC?

On 6 August 2010 20:00, Pouya D. Tafti <> wrote:
>[...] was hoping there would exist a straightforward way to
> do an out-of-source build using pkgsrc Makefiles. ÂWith my previous
> Makefile fragment ${WRKDIR}/ParaView-bin is created and populated
> correctly, so that running make under it would work. ÂBut I cannot
> figure out how to tell pkgsrc to do-build there instead of under
> WRKSRC (or maybe I've got things completely backwards...).

This seems to work (currently building):

USE_CMAKE=                              yes
CMAKE_ARGS+= # something

BUILD_DIRS=                             ${WRKDIR}/ParaView-bin

    mkdir -p ${BUILD_DIRS}
    cd ${BUILD_DIRS} && ${CMAKE} ${WRKSRC}

Is it wrong/against good practice?


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