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RE: pkgsrc hash problems on Linux

> The "digest" command is the only thing I've found to fail, and it's
> consistent.  I can generate checksums with the builtin commands
> correctly, and do other assorted tasks, and it works just fine.
> It's a dual-proc G4 Mac from (I think?) 2000.  If I can get it to
> work, it will be a nice step up from what I'm using for a server at
> home now.
> Memtester is finishing its 5th iteration now, 6 hours in, and no
> errors reported thus far.

Different memory swapped in, and having the same problem.  Could this possibly 
be something with "digest" itself on PPC and/or Linux?  Though I imagine there 
is _someone_ else out there trying to use pkgsrc on PPC Linux besides me.

I'm almost tempted to replace digest with a script that calls the built-in 
tools instead.

Tim Larson
App Admin, Intercall Production Services

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