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Re: cups 1.4.3 working on usb?

On Fri, 4 Jun 2010, Greg Troxel wrote:

I have an HP laserjet 1320 attached via usb (netbsd-5 i386).  I have
been using cups for a long time.

I updated to cups 1.4.3nb1 and it won't print a test page.  Turning
loglevel up to debug, I see it scanning usb looking for the printer
(which is ulpt0 as configured, mode 666) and always saying the printer
is not ready.  After reverting to 1.3.11nb3, I can print again.

Does anyone think cups 1.4.3 works with USB printers? I am wondering if
my system has something wrong if there is a larger issue.
I my case PKG_OPTIONS.cups=-libusb
helped to see my USB printer (HP PSC1610) agein.

Best regards,

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