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Re: updating COMPAT_LINUX for linux 2.6.x support.

On Mon, May 10, 2010 at 11:18:34PM +0100, Matthias Scheler wrote:
> On 3 May 2010, at 3:32, Chuck Silvers wrote:
> > (1) what linux distribution do we want in the pkgsrc packages?
> >    the tradition has been SUSE, so I assume we'll want to use SUSE 11.x?
> That is actually minor concern. I picked SuSE as the base for the
> package a long time ago because it was the Linux distribution
> we used at work.
> One could argue that we should continue to use a ".rpm" based
> distribution because we have "rpm2pkg". But considering that the
> RPM version in "pkgsrc" is ancient it probably doesn't matter.
> If somebody provides better Linux kernel support I could probably
> be convinced to write "deb2pkg" which would allow us to provide
> Debian based Linux emulation packages.

I don't have a strong preference myself, and it doesn't look like
anyone else does either.  the path of least resistance would be
to stick with suse, so let's do that to start with.

it does appear that debian has better platform support,
so that could be a reason to switch distributions eventually.


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