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Re: pkgsrc organization

Hi Tim!

> I was browsing through the packages in misc, and wondered if some of them 
> should be moved to other categories to improve organization.  Specifically, 
> should p5-Geo-Coordinates-UTM, p5-Geo-Mercator, p5-Geography-Countries, 
> proj-doc, and proj be moved to geography?  Should kseg be moved to math?  
> Should xtide be moved to time?  

Thanks for the suggestions, I moved the packages.

> In light of the fact that there are a number of categories for specialty 
> interests (e.g. biology, geography), should a "science" category be created 
> for specialized things like astrolog, celestia, gelemental, gperiodic, 
> molden, and stellarium that don't fit into any of the existing ones?

If there are enough packages to warrant a new hierarchy level... we
should have at least 10 or so to start with.

> I also thought about the idea of an "education" category, but I could only 
> find a few that I'd primarily place there.

Same here...

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