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Re: tor- renegotiating problem

(cc to pkgsrc-users in case anyone there should know)

On Thu, 25 Feb 2010, Victor Dorneanu wrote:

I hope you remebember the renegotiating problem (

Here's the solution:

You'll just have to add "--with-openssl-dir=/usr/pkg" to the CONFIGURE_ARGS.
[... or compile/install "manually" ...]

Just for the record; that did not work for me. Tor still goes to /usr/lib for its SSL needs, and I get the same "unexpected close" messages as you did with .22.

On a hunch, I tried mucking about with SSLBASE, setting it to /usr/pkg instead of /usr, but that also didn't have any effect.

I guess I'd have to figure out a way to reorder the paths given in the linking stage? (-R/usr/lib comes first right now)

Building in a pkg_comp chroot, tor is version, rest of system is 5.0_STABLE, a couple of weeks old.


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