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Re: Dependency hell, again

On Fri, 8 Jan 2010, Greg Troxel wrote:

 when one turns off something globally, then some packages stop
 depending on it.  That's easy.  But, it also means that say for global
 "-samba" (to pick my favorite thing to turn off) A built with -samba
 should not only depend on samba but also depend on B:-samba instead of

Well, just seeing it from the end user point of view, if the user has gone through the trouble of building A without samba, that user should be able to make an informed decision on B as well...

 Building the entire set of options seems like a huge amount of
 building.  But we could perhaps define the sets to build in the
 makefile so common cases are built

But is that (building every combination) something anyone would want right now? (This is the second time it is mentioned, and I still don't see why that would even be desirable.) Building with just the default options seems good enough, as long as they are sane.


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