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Re: Why including meta-pkgs everywhere ?

> >> >Set PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS+=-gnome in mk.conf. graphics/gimp honours this.
> >
> >> Not really, it still depends on policykit, gconf, orbit..
> >
> >If so, it's a regression caused by some other package.
> Yes that's the library gegl which do not need these dependencies.

probably gegl -> librsvg -> libgsf -> GConf -> world + kitchen sink.

Note that in librsvg you can comment out the devel/libgsf and
textproc/libcroco and svg will still work FSVO "work"; without libgsf,
it'll be unable to handle zipped files, and without libcroco data
that uses embedded CSS content will fail. How common any of these
elements are in extant svg is unknown to me.

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