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Re: Why including meta-pkgs everywhere ?

>Tobias Nygren
>samedi 10 octobre 2009
>On Sat, 10 Oct 2009 20:18:03 +0200
>Demelier David <> wrote:
>> There is also a lot of gnome dependencies on GTK based applications, I 
>> to install gimp a long time ago and I was surprised to have plenty gnome 
>> dependencies such as Gconf, ORbit and even policykit. I asked on the 
>> #pkgsrc@freenode and they said `Ask gnome it's their crap' by the way gimp 
>> not a gnome project and is really independant of it. Because they also say 
>> `provide patches' I guess we can't say anything without providing patches ?
>Set PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS+=-gnome in mk.conf. graphics/gimp honours this.

Not really, it still depends on policykit, gconf, orbit..

>They don't and the dependencies don't say that they do.  Generally they 
>only depend on kdelibs and sometimes kdebase (in the kde3 case).
>Note that "../../meta-pkgs/kde3/" (and kde4/ are not package 
>dependencies, they are common makefile fragments that set things 
>appropriately for building kde packages in a pkgsrc context.

Okay, true I tought the .include was the new way to make dependencies, I just 
understood now thanks for the answer. 

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