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Re: warning: subversion now at 1.6.2

  On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 2:20 AM, Greg Troxel <> wrote:
  > I have committed an update to subversion 1.6.2 prepared by Jens.  There
  > may be some trouble (probably not in packaging - but in 1.6 itself), so
  > I advise people to tread carefully, especially on servers.  Please let
  > me and Jens know of any trouble.

  I think now it is no longer possible to install subversion and Apache
  2.0 together, right?

  subversion now forces the installation of devel/apr (apr-1.3.3), but
  www/apache2 still needs devel/apr0. The option to compile subversion
  without apr1 is gone. Or am I missing something?

Yes, that's what it does now.  I thought that this was a change in svn
1.6.x to require only apr1, but now I'm not sure.

Perhaps Jens can explain, or you could pull back the apr1 option from
the previous package and try that.  I'll have a look as well.

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