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RE: Building pkgsrc on Interix 6.1 x64

There was a known issue with the built in gcc (never tried using the msvc,
although it supposedly works) and very long command lines, such as pkgsrc
often generates after a few recursions of appending cflags and such. I used
to work around it by stripping out all the redundant arguments and running
the commands manually, but for anything non-trivial this was too much work.
I believe this issue has been fixed in recent versions; check for Interix
patches or a newer release.

I've also heard of issues with Data Execute Protection (NX-bit) enabled. A
friend suggested disabling DEP for psxss.exe, posix.exe, and similar.
However, there was a patch from Microsoft a while ago which I believe
corrected the issue. Reports of some problems are mentioned on


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Subject: Re: Building pkgsrc on Interix 6.1 x64

Adam Hoka wrote:

> I have tried too bootstrap it on i386, make dumps core during test. :)

I got problems compiling it with the "native" compiler (MS Visual Studio),
using gcc I didn't prove.

It seems, Interix needs some extra attention :)


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