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Re: bad performance with xf86-video-intel-2.7.0

2.7.1 is out, release announcement says:

--- begin quote ---
This is a maintenance release on the 2.7 branch. Compared to 2.7.0 it
consists only of a few carefully hand-picked fixes for bugs,
(including GPU crashers). We encourage all users of 2.7.0 to upgrade
to 2.7.1.

We have verified that several of the reported bugs of GPU crashes,
(mouse continues to move, but otherwise X is totally unresponsive),
are fixed with the commit by Keith Packard in 2.7.1 to correct the
computation of the batch space required. If you have previously
reported a GPU-crash bug in, please test with
2.7.1 and report your findings in the bug. If the crash is fixed,
please celebrate with us!
--- end quote ---


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