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Re: bad performance with xf86-video-intel-2.7.0

On Sunday 10 May 2009 09:05:37 Tobias Nygren wrote:
> After this update I get significantly worse X11 performance on i945gme.

I can't comment on that yet but I've tried this update on two netbsd-5.0 
machines with intel graphics (neither with any drm support in the kernel):

1) a 965Q segfaults on X server reset (worked around by getting kdm to 
terminate and restart X server on session exit)

2) my laptop with Mobile GM45 Express - segfaults immediately, had to back 
out to xf86-video-intel-2.4.3nb1

(II) intel(0): Using XFree86 Acceleration Architecture (XAA)
        Screen to screen bit blits
        Solid filled rectangles
        8x8 mono pattern filled rectangles
        Indirect CPU to Screen color expansion
        Solid Horizontal and Vertical Lines
        Setting up tile and stipple cache:
                32 128x128 slots
                27 256x256 slots
                16 512x512 slots
(==) intel(0): Backing store disabled
(==) intel(0): Silken mouse enabled
(II) intel(0): Initializing HW Cursor
(WW) intel(0): drmDropMaster failed: Unknown error: 4294967295
(II) intel(0): Disable render standby.
(II) intel(0): xf86BindGARTMemory: bind key 0 at 0x01fff000 (pgoffset 8191)
(II) intel(0): xf86BindGARTMemory: bind key 1 at 0x029f0000 (pgoffset 
(II) intel(0): Fixed memory allocation layout:
(II) intel(0): 0x00000000-0x0001ffff: ring buffer (128 kB)
(II) intel(0): 0x00020000-0x00029fff: HW cursors (40 kB)
(II) intel(0): 0x0002a000-0x00829fff: fake bufmgr (8192 kB)
(II) intel(0): 0x0082a000-0x0082afff: power context (4 kB)
(II) intel(0): 0x00830000-0x029effff: front buffer (34560 kB)
(II) intel(0): 0x01fff000:            end of stolen memory
(II) intel(0): 0x029f0000-0x029fffff: xaa scratch (64 kB)
(II) intel(0): 0x10000000:            end of aperture

Fatal server error:
Caught signal 11.  Server aborting


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