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Re: python 2.5, opensolaris and SunPro

Roland Illig wrote:
Carl Brewer schrieb:

Whew, your C compiler can translate C++ code, too?

I thought it did by default these days?

PKGSRC_COMPILER=        sunpro
CC=                     /opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc

I prefer it if you set SUNWSPROBASE=/opt/SUNWspro instead. That will
make the C++ compiler available, too.

Is that best set in mk.conf or an environment variable?

Out of curiosity, am I walking down a dead end path with pkgsrc and
SunPro CC on OpenSolaris?  Roughly how many people use it?

No, you aren't. When I had access to such a system, it worked quite
well. Now I don't have access anymore, but some other developers
certainly do. I just looked at the build reports at

and saw that indeed, python 2.5 didn't build. That's because of an
"undefined symbol FFI_DEFAULT_ABI". I expect this to be easy to fix.

Yeah, that's the one, I've submitted a bug report to gnats on it, it's a dependancy on ctypes which is a GCC thing.

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