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Problems with shared libraries on linux amd64


I'm using pkgsrc on ubuntu linux (amd64).

I built net/tcptraceroute with no problem but when I start it it complains:

tcptraceroute: error while loading shared libraries:
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I believe that it's because of conflict of the native ubuntu's libnet
and the pkgsrc's one. The similar problem was already described not so
long ago (but I couldn't find the message) in this maillist. But it
was related to python installation problem.

Anyway, the problem was solved and I even used the patch which fixes
BUILDLINK_LDFLAGS in pkgsrc/mk/buildlink3/ to build
and install python correctly on my ubuntu.

But this didn't solve the problem with tcptraceroute.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated.


Alexey Lebedev.

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