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Re: New pkg geography/viking

I looked at it and it looks good modulo a few nits.

BUILD_MAKE_FLAGS should not be set.  That's a build choice option
(e.g. MAKE_JOBS=4 in /etc/mk.conf).  If -j works, great, and if -j is
broken one sets MAKE_JOBS_SAFE=no so the insertion of -j4 from
MAKE_JOBS=4 doesn't happen.

It would be nice to have a comment in the patch file explaining why you
changed NAN to 0, and whether you sent the fix upstream, their bug
tracking id, etc.  But not  necessary.

pkglint looks pretty clean:

fnord gdt 19 /usr/pkgsrc/geography/viking > pkglint
WARN: Makefile:10: COMMENT should not be longer than 70 characters.
0 errors and 1 warnings found.

So would change COMMENT to

  Viking manages GPS data with support for OpenStreetMap, geocaching[>

If I were being really compulsive I'd line up all the values of =
starting with PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT=, going out to 3 tabs.  But that's not
a rule.

When importing to pkgsrc, be very careful about what the guide says
about cvs import and branch/point tags.  This is way trickier than it
seems and most pkgsrc people get it wrong the first 10 packages they
import, even if they are certified CVS weenies to start with.  You'll
need to add a SUBDIRS line in geography/Makefile, and add a CHANGES
entry, too.

Other than the above nits looks great.  Thanks for packaging this - I
didn't know it existed but recently started playing with OSM.

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