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Re: printing with firefox3?

On Saturday 07 February 2009 02:20:08 Greg Troxel wrote:
> I realize this should be fixed better and pulled to 2008Q4, but ENOTIME
> for several weeks.
> This problem is only 98% understood, so YMMV.  If so please let us know.

Somewhere in this thread somebody referenced some patches that actually 
addressed the SHA1_Update issue (from freebsd ports?) but I can't find the 
reference at the moment so if someone can point me at it I'll look at 
incorporating the patches because I just tried firefox3 on our systems and 
it dies any time it tries to use Negotiate auth (which for us is just 
about any page) which will be the same dynamic loading of openssl issue - 
so since it is basically unusable by us at the moment I'm quite motivated 
to fix it given the reference.


note PR 39863 is the same issue.

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