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Re: printing with firefox3?

I am curious if there has been any progress on the
firefox3/printing/cups issue.

My situation:

NetBSD 4.0_STABLE i386

All packages built from source, up to date as of 22 1636Z January.  I
checked that firefox3 and cups are still current.  Specifically:

  $ pkg_info |egrep firefox3\|^gtk-\|cups
  cups-1.3.9          Common UNIX Printing System
  libgnomecups-0.2.2nb5 GNOME interface to CUPS
  gtk-doc-1.11        Tools for authors of the GTK+ reference documentation
  foomatic-filters-cups-3.0.2nb1 Foomatic support for CUPS
  foomatic-ppds-cups-20070207 Foomatic PPD collection for CUPS servers
  suse_libcups-10.0nb4 Linux compatibility package for CUPS
  firefox3-3.0.5nb2   Lightweight gecko-based web browser

also nspluginwrapper and flash

X11_TYPE=               modular
PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS=            -arts -tcl apr1 cups

The behavior is that hitting ^P in firefox3 causes it to exit, no core
dump.  ktrace shows a segfault and then it tries to find gdb and exits.

I made a config file:

  $ cat .gtkrc-2.0

and now gnumeric only offers file, but firefox3 still crashes.

If I remove the gtk-print-backends directive, gnumeric offers my cups
printers as options in the print dialog, and choosing one resulted in a
file being spooled (printer off, did lprm).

I am getting similar behavior on netbsd-5.

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