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Re: how to exclude an specific package from updating

On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 11:07:13AM +0100, 
> >> I had to update php4 to php5 (also php5-mysql, ...).
> yes, i know that this is possible.
> I want to upgrade to php5. This is the reason why i had to upgrade
> this machine.

In that case I don't understand your question :)

> >> I also have mysql5-server(version 5.0.45) on this machine.
> >No switch for this. Why do you need to keep the old version?
> Because i got an error on an test machine (see: PR pkg 40436;
> which i did not get on with the older version.

Well, the first warning looks just like using (uint64_t)(-1) on a 32bit
system, so it might or might not be a problem. I would actually suggest
you look where it is set and provide something sane -- MySQL might
resize some internal data structures for that. You might need to raise
the process limits for MySQL to fix the other errors.


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