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Re: printing with firefox3?

Bernd Ernesti wrote:
Do you happen to have a core dump from one of the other machines (and "thread apply all bt") ?

See my mail with such a trace, where gtk is not build with cups.

Thanks, I did not see anything obvious in the trace yet.
I don't see any sign of CUPS being used in there, nor do
I see print anywhere in the trace. Did I miss something ?

Would you mind answering the following questions:
 Is this core dump after File -> Print in firefox3 ?
 Do you see a print dialog at all ?
 Does File -> Print Preview work ?

The page you mentioned above says that the default gtk-print-backends is 

Looks like something is not working correctly and the default is still 
"file,cups" if cups
is not enabled during build.

It seems that gtk ignores any backend it does not know. So if the cups backend 
is not
installed I guess gtk would just ignore it, so you should just get "file".

Kind regards,

Yorick Hardy

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