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Re: Status of AIX as of recent...

Louis Guillaume wrote:
> Hi Jens, Joerg,
> I recently did a cvs update on my pkgsrc tree and noticed that many of
> the files we patched to get things working on AIX are changed (and at
> least some are flagged with "needs merge" status).

Joerg committed some of my patches by rewriting the patches based on my
feedback and his much better knowledge of the pkgsrc framework. You can
discard all old changes in mk/ which resulting from the patches I sent to you.

> I wonder if the changes currently in pkgsrc are suitable for use, or if
> we still need to patch the tree with your changes. I'm using -current,
> and would also be interested to see these changes find their way into
> the stable branches.

The -current pkgsrc is suitable for use using xlc on AIX. There 2 things
1) clean up the RPATH
2) adding the bootstrap changes

The first TODO is just for a bit better performance when loading a file and
shorter RPATH etc. - the second needs some additional groundwork in
bootstrap-mk-files, because overwriting the entire file to change some
compiler or tool flags cannot be a solution - it will be become a problem
with the next bootstrap-mk-files update ...

> Please advise when you get a chance. Thanks,

I hope this answers your questions.


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