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Re: ERROR: ...bin/strip %swbepm

Aleksey Cheusov schrieb:
> My package fails at 'install' stage with the following error messages.
>   => Checking for work-directory references in epm-4.1
>   ERROR: /usr/pkg/bin/epm:        
> /tmp/obj_pkgsrc/wip/epm/work/.tools/bin/strip %swbepm: Unable to create "%s" -
>   ERROR: *** The above files still have references to the build directory.
>   ERROR:     This is possibly an error that should be fixed by unwrapping
>   ERROR:     the files or adding missing tools to the package makefile!
>   *** Error code 1
> It's not clear for me what's wrong.
> Can anybody decode the above?

When you run /usr/pkg/bin/epm, it will at some point try to execute
/tmp/obj_pkgsrc/.../bin/strip. At that point, the /tmp/obj_pkgsrc
directory will probably not exist anymore. It would be more useful if
the binary pointed to /usr/bin/strip, which will probably stay forever.

To get rid of this message, you have to tell the package where the
"real" strip tool is. The usual way is with



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