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Re: postfix+dspam+clamav+dovecot


> To: xxx
> CC:,, 
> and I'm on all those lists, why do I receive 3 mails? With my old
> cyrus-imapd based setup I only saw one mail...

I do not know what cyrus-imapd does, and I have sendmail instead of
postfix, but as far as I understand the mail-system in general, each list
sends you one mail, thus it is three mails you get. With my setup
(sendmail, spamass-milter, clamav-milter, dovecot), I get three mails as
well when a mail is send to three mailinglists I have subscribed to.
Mailinglists usually do not know about each other and their members, so
each one sends a mail...
May be cyrus was smart enough to notice the duplicity, and removed the
other mails - though personally, I would not want that.

- Volkmar


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