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Re: libusb problem ?

Sébastien BOCAHU - zecrazytux wrote:

> I'm testing libusb. I've written a simple code (see below) which aims to list
> all devices (product id and vendor id, nothing more)
> It works on GNU/Linux, but on my NetBSD -current (.73) box with libusb from
> pkgsrc, it displays *one* device *only*.
> Where does the problem come ?

Probably not from your program.

"make test" in pkgsrc/devel/libusb does not finish successful.
Even the successful tests fail to provide information.

Running the supplied programs (testlibusb, descriptor_test, id_test,
find_hubs, find_mice, get_resolution, hub_strings) manually does not
show any USB devices on NetBSD/i386 3.0 (attached are a mouse,
keyboard and a hub).

  ===> Testing for libusb-0.1.12nb2
  Making check in .
  Making check in tests
  /usr/bin/make  check-TESTS
  PASS: testlibusb
  bus/device  idVendor/idProduct
  PASS: descriptor_test
  bus/device  idVendor/idProduct/bcdDevice  Class/SubClass/Protocol
  PASS: id_test
  PASS: find_hubs
  PASS: find_mice
  XPASS: get_resolution
  XPASS: hub_strings
  2 of 7 tests did not behave as expected (2 unexpected passes)
  *** Error code 1



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