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Re: Problems bootstrapping on AIX

Louis Guillaume wrote:
Jens Rehsack wrote:

I recommend to set WARNS=2 or NOWERROR=true when bootstrapping.

Ok. We've bootstrapped! Here was the command line:

# env DISTDIR=/usr/pkg/distfiles NOWERROR=true PKGSRC_COMPILER=xlc OBJECT_MODE=64 CC=xlc CFLAGS="-q64 -qarch=ppc64 -O3 -qstrict -qcpluscmt -qkeyword=inline" ./bootstrap --workdir /tmp/pkgsrc-bootstrap --compiler xlc

Now I have problems building bzip2 (see below), and I'm not sure if this is an AIX/xlC build-environmental thing (object files are `not valid with the current object file mode'). So maybe I'm not done with my setup yet.. any ideas?

Ok - So I set OBJECT_MODE=64 in the environment and things are building now. Is there a way to set this in /etc/mk.conf or elsewhere in pkgsrc?


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