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Re: Problems bootstrapping on AIX

Jens Rehsack wrote:

 I talked to
Joerg Sonnenberger via private mail and IRC and created some more patches for the bootstrap process. He is not available before tomorrow. I hope he'll find the time to review the patches I'll send him tomorrow morning - and after (if any) working in his feedback, I'll send you the patches.

That would be most helpful.

We are currently running AIX 5300-08-03-0831. I still have to apply any available xlC updates then I'll try to bootstrap.

Sure - therefore those updates are good for (I think). I'm using xlC 10.1 and except a problem with misc/less I don't encounter any problem, which I couldn't fix.

I'm also anticipating upgrading to AIX 6 in November, then doing pkgsrc builds inside a WPAR environment, so as to avoid pollution in the normal production environment. Kind of like pkg_comp in effect, but not really.

I don't think that Bayer Business Solutions will be so quick here :))
But we currently build in a chroot environment on AIX 5.3 TL8 (same OS you're running).

Ok - I'd love to hear how you did the chroot (copying pkgsrc-users now), because I'm likely to defer that upgrade until Feb. next year.

I had problems (was trying to find the equiv. of mount_null on AIX to no avail) and IBM's support line was no help, so I dropped it. The things I tried failed miserably, and it's been a couple months so I've dropped it mentally too.


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