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Re: Amaya 10 build error

On Sat, Sep 13, 2008 at 10:13:40AM +0200, Vincent wrote:
> Since the Amaya package seem to have been updated to version 10, I've 
> decided to try it.
> However it fails there:
> ../../thotlib/base/AmayaAppInstance.cpp -o base/AmayaAppInstance.o
> ../../thotlib/include/thot_sys.h:257: error: conflicting declaration 
> 'typedef long int __intptr_t'
> /usr/include/machine/int_types.h:65: error: '__intptr_t' has a previous 
> declaration as 'typedef int __intptr_t'

It worked on my machine... maybe because I was doing it on amd64. Or
on -current. Can you investigate further? (And what are you building

> Besides, since wxGTK seems to have been updated to 2.8, why not add a 
> dependency to wxGTK >= 2.8.8 rather than having it build in the Amaya 
> package?

That hadn't been done yet when I did the update. Given how fragile
Amaya is (and how aggravating it is to try changing its build) I'm
inclined to leave well enough alone.

David A. Holland

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