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Re: pkgsrc on OpenSolaris?

Mike Meyer wrote:
> I've seen claims on the various opensolaris lists from people saying
> they were using pkgsrc on opensolaris. I've been trying to get it
> working on the SXCE distribution on a 64 bit machine with no
> luck. Googling for any writeups hasn't turned up anything
> interesting.
> I'm hoping that someone on the list has pkgsrc on opensolaris working,
> and has put a writeup on the web, or would be willing to write one up
> for the list.
> If not, I'll post a proper report on my problems.
>    thanks,
>    <mike

I've had what I'd call really good success on 2008.05 and more lately on
snv_98.  So much so that I've got a few boxes running OpenSolaris that
I'm playing with pretty regularly.  I did have 2008.05 on an AMD 64bit
machine (until it very suddenly died) the hosts I have it on at the
moment are Intel 32bit machines.   I mainly bootstrap pkgsrc with
SUNWgcc then install lang/gcc3 for building my packages.

If you have specific issues a post with the details might help.


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