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RE: PR 36498 (builds not working on IRIX due to wrong compiler)

On Monday, September 22, 2008 10:23 AM, Larson, Timothy E. <> scribbled:
> Is anybody working on this bug?  Is there any way to force use of gcc
> to work around it? 

I tried simply running "CC=gcc ./bootstrap" and got farther (I think). Looks
like it correctly bootstrapped the basic tools (namely bmake) and continued
on to building other tools to be used in place of native IRIX ones.

===> Installing for pax-20080110
/usr/local/pkgsrc/bootstrap/work/bin/install-sh -c -o root -g sys -m 755 -d
/usr/local/pkgsrc/bootstrap/work/bin/install-sh -c -o root -g sys -m 755 -d
/usr/local/pkgsrc/bootstrap/work/bin/install-sh -c -o root -g sys -m 755 -d
/usr/local/pkgsrc/bootstrap/work/bin/install-sh -c -o root -g sys pax
/usr/pkg/bin/$(echo pax | sed 's,x,x,')
install: destination is not a directory
*** Error code 1

Looks like it was trying to copy pax from the local dir to /usr/pkg/bin,
albeit with some name munging that wouldn't have made any difference. I
don't see why it doesn't work.  

The awk and nbsed builds/installs went fine.

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    InterCall, a division of West Corporation

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