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Re: possible solution for firefox3 "pango-warning" errors (?)

Hello Khoa,

On Thu, Sep 18, 2008 at 01:51:28PM -0400, Khoa Tran wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Like some of the people on this list have posted, I've also had quite a bit
> of problems with firefox3, mostly on websites that are heavy in content
> (such as ebay, facebook, etc.), and I would get "pango-warning" errors to
> stdout. Somewhere buried in there were also errors related to "too many open
> files," so I had a look at ulimit -n, which shows a default value of 64.
> Increasing this value to 256 or 512 seems to have solved the problem(s) for
> me, so far. I'm guessing that the system ran out of file handles while
> trying to deal with the multiple pango/cairo shaping requests, resulting in
> the pango-warnings. It'd be interesting to see if this works for anyone
> else. Previously, I'd tried mucking about with using different fonts and
> clearing and recreating the font cache, but to no avail.
I had got this problem too with www/firefox3 in pkgsrc-2008Q2, on a
NetBSD 4.0. I tested your tip, setting the limits of file descriptors
to 256 (via a ksh(1) "ulimit -n 256"), and now works perfectly!

Thank you very much Khoa!

Ciao, Leonardo
 Leonardo Taccari (leot) |

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