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Re: possible solution for firefox3 "pango-warning" errors (?)

Khoa Tran wrote:
Hello everyone,

Like some of the people on this list have posted, I've also had quite a bit of problems with firefox3, mostly on websites that are heavy in content (such as ebay, facebook, etc.), and I would get "pango-warning" errors to stdout. Somewhere buried in there were also errors related to "too many open files," so I had a look at ulimit -n, which shows a default value of 64. Increasing this value to 256 or 512 seems to have solved the problem(s) for me, so far. I'm guessing that the system ran out of file handles while trying to deal with the multiple pango/cairo shaping requests, resulting in the pango-warnings. It'd be interesting to see if this works for anyone else. Previously, I'd tried mucking about with using different fonts and clearing and recreating the font cache, but to no avail.

Hi Khoa --

Even with firefox2, the default number of file descriptors has caused problems in the past (although the symptoms you describe are much different!). The default value has been increased on i386 and amd64 for the upcoming 5.0 release of NetBSD.


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