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Re: Did I make a mistake by installing "2008Q2?" Is there some reason not to install "current?"

> My question is, did I make a poor choice when I installed package
> source?  I installed "2008Q2"
> thinking it was the latest "stable" pkgsrc, but should I have
> installed "current"?   (Or, is there
> any reason not to install current, and if not, what are those 2008Qn for?)

2008Q2 is known to work.

But some security pullups haven't made it there yet. (We maybe need more 
volunteers to handle this release engineering task.)

Current usually works great and has more of the security fixes. But you 
also have the chance that some packages may not build correctly.

In a couple weeks, there will be 2008Q3 which is the latest stable branch.

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