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Did I make a mistake by installing "2008Q2?" Is there some reason not to install "current?"

In a recent reply to another inquiry Christian Biere (Thanks much for
the help on the original problem!)
added: "Partial updates from CVS are not advisable."  This worries me
because this is how I have been
getting around having to install dependencies with security
vulnerabilities.  Already in kde3 there have
been three packages I've updated to get security fixes: tiff, libxml2
and xine-lib.

My question is, did I make a poor choice when I installed package
source?  I installed "2008Q2"
thinking it was the latest "stable" pkgsrc, but should I have
installed "current"?   (Or, is there
any reason not to install current, and if not, what are those 2008Qn for?)


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