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Re: Add/Submit SAP related pkgs?

On Sun, Sep 14, 2008 at 02:19:12PM +0000, Jens Rehsack wrote:

I locally created some pkg's to have the ablity to do SAP Rfc's from perl
using p5-sapnwrfc (
This module requires the nwrfcsdk 2 from SAP, which is distributed as a
binary package for several platforms (Linux, AIX, Windows, ...) - e.g. like

I for one would be most grateful if you could get this to work.

However, aren't there some components that are not downloadable
without going through SAP's systems? For instance, Piers'
documentation says:

"One last thing - The SAP RFCSDK is a prerequisite for this perl
package to work.  The RFCSDK is proprietrary software owned by SAP
AG.  For this reason I will not supply ANY component part of the
RFCSDK with this perl package, and further more you must obtain it
through the normal channels with SAP AG - ie. you must have a licensed
SAP R/3 installation at your disposal."

I always thought that the only way to download the rfcsdk was by going
to and logging in with your s* number. Is there
another way? ftp?


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