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Add/Submit SAP related pkgs?


I locally created some pkg's to have the ablity to do SAP Rfc's from perl
using p5-sapnwrfc (
This module requires the nwrfcsdk 2 from SAP, which is distributed as a
binary package for several platforms (Linux, AIX, Windows, ...) - e.g. like
For the moment - to help me out of the dilemma - I created a small copying
pkg after I extracted the original package (which comes as *.SAR) and
archiving it using tar | gzip.

Now there are one main question and some follow-up questions, if the first
can be answered with 'Yes':
1) Is there a general interest/wish to get pkg's for SAP software like
   nwrfcsdk 2 or sapcar (archiver)?
2) Is it enough to add
> LICENSE=                sap-license
> RESTRICTED=             Only unmodified original package can be distributed
   to the Makefile?
3) How do I use distfiles which must be extracted using SAPCAR?
4) How do the emulation knobs work (I see them in archivers/rar)?
   Do I need to add sth. similar to the Makefile?

Thanks in advance,

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