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Re: Add/Submit SAP related pkgs?


OBATA Akio wrote:

On Sun, 14 Sep 2008 23:19:12 +0900, Jens Rehsack <> 

1) Is there a general interest/wish to get pkg's for SAP software like
    nwrfcsdk 2 or sapcar (archiver)?

Personally, I think that those packages may exist.

2) Is it enough to add
 > LICENSE=                sap-license
 > RESTRICTED=             Only unmodified original package can be distributed
 > NO_BIN_ON_FTP=          ${RESTRICTED}
    to the Makefile?

Depends on contensts of sap-license :-)

Hmm, must there be a file which contains the license of SAP which belongs to the software, or an URL?

3) How do I use distfiles which must be extracted using SAPCAR?

If only few package require it, you can write custom do-extract target.
(Of course, it can be integrated into pkgsrc framework).

All SAP packages, at least ;)
Wont be to much, I hope not more than 2 (SAPCAR to extract and NWRFC2 as dependency for p5-sapnwrfcsdk) ...

4) How do the emulation knobs work (I see them in archivers/rar)?
    Do I need to add sth. similar to the Makefile?


Maybe for the binary libraries, too? I'm unsure ...


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