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Re: Building ruby packages fails as a non root user

On Aug 25, 2008, at 7:50 AM, Johnny C. Lam wrote:

Bernd Ernesti wrote:
On Sat, Aug 23, 2008 at 12:36:05PM +0900, Takahiro Kambe wrote:
In message <>
        on Fri, 22 Aug 2008 20:55:01 +0200,
        Bernd Ernesti <> wrote:
See pkg/39333 and e.g. for devel/ruby-debug-base, but no limited to it.
I have stopped countting the packages which fails the same way.
I've recently noticed the problem.
Good to know that it isn't only me.
Rubygems based package seems to install files to destdir at
"make build" phase and failed to chown files.
Yeah, ktrace shows that:
 2011      1 ruby18   GIO   fd 3 read 9 bytes
      "install: "
 2011      1 ruby18   RET   read 9
 2011      1 ruby18   CALL  read(3,0x822f000,0x4000)
13718      1 install  CALL  write(2,0xbfbfcdd0,0xa7)
13718      1 install  GIO   fd 2 wrote 167 bytes
"/pkgsrc/devel/ruby-debug-base/work.i386/.inst/usr/pkg/lib/ ruby/gems/1.8/gems/ruby-debug-base-0.10.\
       1/lib/ chown/chgrp: Operation not permitted"
while in the 'Building native extensions. This could take a while...' stage. IMHO these default values of /usr/pkg/lib/ruby/1.8/i386-netbsdelf/ rbconfig.rb needs be overwritten
in the build stage:
 CONFIG["INSTALL"] = '/usr/bin/install -c -o root -g wheel'
CONFIG["INSTALL_PROGRAM"] = "/usr/bin/install -c -s -o root -g wheel -m 555" CONFIG["INSTALL_SCRIPT"] = "/usr/bin/install -c -o root -g wheel - m 555" CONFIG["INSTALL_DATA"] = "/usr/bin/install -c -o root -g wheel -m 444"
I can't afford to maintain rubygems based framework, someone should
fix misc/rubygems/
That and update the version of it too.

I will work on this.

The attached patch moves targets requiring root to the install stage.


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