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Unresolved Zlib problems

--- Joerg Sonnenberger <> wrote:

> On Tue, Jul 03, 2007 at 02:02:44PM -0400, Gary Thorpe wrote:
> > It seems libglade depends on both (which is what the
> software
> > I am building depends on) in pkgsrc _and_ in base despite
> me
> > rebuilding it with PREFER_PKGSRC = zlib in mk.conf.
> It might get that via a dependency.
> > Is there any way I can efficiently (not all installed packages
> depend
> > on zlib and pkg_info -R zlib will not show those built against the
> base
> > zlib) update all installed pkgsrc software to now use pkgsrc zlib
> to
> > avoid this in future?
> Grep for it in /var/db/pkg/*/+BUILD_INFO. REQUIRES is what you want
> :-)
> Joerg

I did this it turns out graphics/cairo is among them:

grep -n libz /var/db/pkg/cairo-1.4.8/+BUILD_INFO

I took a look at what it depends on:
( cd /usr/pkgsrc/graphics/cairo && make show-depends)

Then I looked at their +BUILD_INFO's:
grep -n libz /var/db/pkg/glitz-0.5.6nb2/+BUILD_INFO
grep -n libz /var/db/pkg/png-1.2.18/+BUILD_INFO 

So I cannot figure out why /usr/lib/ is being pulled in: none
of the pkgsrc dependencies requires In the base libraries,
only libssh matches:

grep -n libz /usr/lib/*.so*
Binary file /usr/lib/ matches
Binary file /usr/lib/ matches
Binary file /usr/lib/ matches
Binary file /usr/lib/ matches
Binary file /usr/lib/ matches
Binary file /usr/lib/ matches

Any suggestions on how to fix this (both and are
being linked against in some programs)?

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