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Re: gd, locales, special characters UPDATE


Am Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2007 um 00:25 schrieben Sie:

> i don't know if this is the right mailinglist. Perhaps someone can
> give me an hint.

> We use NetBSD 3.1 on our i386 servers. One of our customers needs to
> build graphics with text on the fly with php. He wants to use gd, freetype 
> and truetype
> fonts. The text contains "german umlauts".
> The Problem is that instead of the special german characters
> there are blanks or squares in the graphics.

> I tried to solve the problem by changing  the LC_CTYPE and LC_ALL with
> "setlocales(LC ...) in php. I used different names (de, de_DE, 
> de_DE.ISO8859-1, ..) But this
> did not work.

> I also changed the enviroment variables of LC_*, used different
> truetype fonts and used different functions from gd. Also no effect.

> I found that there is only "LC_Messages" in the locales  "de" and
> "de_DE" in /usr/pkg/share/locale. This is the path where the freetype-lib for 
> the
> locales. Can this be the reason?

> We have the same problem for about an year ago with typo3. To solve this,
> we changed this server from NetBSD to Linux.
> But i don't want to change the systems of our another servers.

> So does anyone have an hint or an solution?

> Thank you for answers
> Reinhold

> We use NEtBSD3.1, apache 2.2.x, php4.4.7 and freetype, gd, php-gd from
> the pkgsrc-2007Q1.

I have some more Information this may help someone to have an idea.

If i transmit the special characters (german umlaute) from an form and
write them with php into an file. The characters are correct in the file.
If i build with the gd library and truetype fonts an picture of the characters, 
are displayed as squares. Setting LC_CTYPE on the enviroment or with
setlocale has no effect.

Then i used "localeconv" in php and this is the output:
Array ( [decimal_point] => . [thousands_sep] => [int_curr_symbol] =>
[currency_symbol] => [mon_decimal_point] =>
[mon_thousands_sep] => [positive_sign] => [negative_sign] => [int_frac_digits] 
=> 127 [frac_digits]
=> 127 [p_cs_precedes] => 127 [p_sep_by_space] => 127 [n_cs_precedes] => 127 
[n_sep_by_space] => 127
[p_sign_posn] => 127 [n_sign_posn] => 127 [grouping] => Array ( ) 
[mon_grouping] => Array ( ) )
Changing LC_CTYPE has no effect on the output.

I used iconv_get_encoding('all') which gives

["input_encoding"]=>  string(10) "ISO-8859-1" ["output_encoding"]=>  string(10) 
"ISO-8859-1" ["internal_encoding"]=>  string(10) "ISO-8859-1"

Have anyone an idea to solve the problem i wrote in mail yesterday
(see obove)

Best regards

RM.ROPPERT, it management agentur
Reinhold Roppert 
Muehlstrasse 6 89077 Ulm
tel: +49.7319386495 fax: +49.7319386496

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