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gd, locales, special characters


i don't know if this is the right mailinglist. Perhaps someone can
give me an hint.

We use NetBSD 3.1 on our i386 servers. One of our customers needs to
build graphics with text on the fly with php. He wants to use gd, freetype and 
fonts. The text contains "german umlauts".
The Problem is that instead of the special german characters
there are blanks or squares in the graphics.

I tried to solve the problem by changing  the LC_CTYPE and LC_ALL with
"setlocales(LC ...) in php. I used different names (de, de_DE, de_DE.ISO8859-1, 
..) But this
did not work.

I also changed the enviroment variables of LC_*, used different
truetype fonts and used different functions from gd. Also no effect.

I found that there is only "LC_Messages" in the locales  "de" and
"de_DE" in /usr/pkg/share/locale. This is the path where the freetype-lib for 
locales. Can this be the reason?

We have the same problem for about an year ago with typo3. To solve this,
we changed this server from NetBSD to Linux.
But i don't want to change the systems of our another servers.

So does anyone have an hint or an solution?

Thank you for answers

We use NEtBSD3.1, apache 2.2.x, php4.4.7 and freetype, gd, php-gd from
the pkgsrc-2007Q1.


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