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Re: pkgsrc speed

Johnny C. Lam wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 22, 2007 at 02:41:25AM -0400, Blair Sadewitz wrote:
>> Speaking of wrappers, I was wondering if setting
>> WRAPPER_UPDATE_CACHE=no for lang/ghc would be enough to lift the
>> prohibition of SplitObjs.  Also, is there a way to completely disable
>> wrapper logging (for speeding up building ghc also)?  I haven't been
>> able to find any thusfar ...
> I don't understand what "SplitObjs" is?  Could you explain?
> Also, I guess you might try setting WRKLOG=/dev/null in your /etc/mk.conf
> to discard all of the logging output.

Just thinking aloud but if this gains us a noticeable performance
increase (I haven't tested this myself) is there any reason this isn't
the default ?

I'm not suggesting that we totally nuke it but set it to /dev/null by
default and perhaps doing something like setting PKG_DEVELOPER=yes
and/or PKG_DEBUG_LEVEL=1 could turn it back on.

The only downside I see here is that if someone is having issues with a
package and we need the work.log the response would be "Could you please
try again with e.g. PKG_DEBUG_LEVEL=1 and send us the work.log file ?"


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